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What Is The Care Of Kerat? Hair Botox, known as “Brazilian Keratin”, is a chemical (!) Process such as keratin care, dye used to soothe electrified hair. As its name suggests, it is not a “care” that loads protein into the hair !!

What Is The Care Of Kerat?

What Is The Care Of Kerat? Keratin Care is not a straightening process, as it is thought or promoted! The process has emerged in order to soothe the hair more easily by soothing the hair in Brazil. After the procedure, the person can give his hair faster and flatter shape at home with a blow dryer and blow dryer. Due to this effect, it does not have a straightening effect on very curly hair. With keratin application, flatter effects can be created on fluffed and slightly wavy hair.


The main factor that makes hair straight in keratin care is the result of straightening the hair with high heat after the procedure. The “formaldehyde” active ingredient in the product enters between the cross hairs of the hair, and the new shape given to the hair protects the hair for a certain period of time.

Does Keratin Treatment Really Care for Hair?

There are also claims that those who apply keratin care that this process resists hair, repairs hair, and loads protein into the hair. However, this is also not true. Since the hair that is straightened and blown better reflects the light, the treated hair looks brighter and healthier than the surging hair. Since the biggest plus of the keratin process to the hair is the hair, which takes shape faster and easier after keratin, will be exposed to less heat / blow dryer / straightener, and the hair away from these processes will wear less and remain relatively healthy.

Keratin Treatment

Since it is no longer difficult to style the hair after keratin treatment, a person may want to wash their hair more often. Hair that meets more with water looks visually cleaner, shiny and beautiful. The “hydrolyzed keratin” contents in keratin treatments also penetrate into the hair and help to make the hair appear smoother by adhering the outer covers of the hair.


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