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What Is Perma? How To? The process of waving or curling straight hair chemically is called a perm. Perma model became fashionable again with its ease of use with the warming of the air.

How is perming done?

Perma, hair should be washed before perming.The washing process helps the cuticle in the hair to rise slightly and allow the perm solution to penetrate the hair better.The perm solution enters the keratin and breaks the sulfur bonds that hold the fiber-like cells together in the inner layer of the hair.Hair that breaks the fibers is given a new shape. The hair is wrapped after separation and the perm lotion is applied once again for the new shape to develop. At this stage, the development process varies according to the structure and condition of the hair.


Perma, after waiting for a while, changing bonds in the hair are reconstructed with a second chemical called neutralizer.The neutralizer chemical contains an oxidation agent that connects the broken bonds and strengthens the waves.Spiral perm creates beautiful ringlets on long hair. When permed hair grows, it is important to apply a perm only to the bottoms.Otherwise, it will damage the hair that has been previously permed.

Is a perm made to dyed hair?

After applying a correct formula, perming can be done on dyed hair. Curls remain on the permed hair, but new hair grows straight. There may be softening of the wave of hair over time. Waves may appear looser by getting heavier on long hair.

How long can permed hair be used?

Perm provides permanence for 2 to 5 months. Curly hair loses its perm form after a few months and turns into a water wave appearance. The perm can be applied to dyed hair, unpainted hair, straight hair and thick hair. Otherwise, it will damage the hair that has been previously permed.


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