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Spring and Summer Popular Hair Colors, the colors in which hair will be brighter and shinier than ever before are in the fashion spring-summer period. Especially, we will witness the attractive return of the red tones. We think that this year; it will be a year when the most ambitious changes will be made in hairstyles.

Here are the hair colors of spring-summer!

Red Tones

One of the popular colors of last year was orange red. Now we will witness the beginning of a trend in which wine shades will affect the hair. We will witness burgundy shades on the hair. If your hair is very dark red, we recommend you to light a few shades. We will not be able to say that the red-haired women look another beautiful in white-skinned women!

Natural Ombre

Ombre hair trend has taken its place among the outdated colors for several seasons. However, it will be a year when ombre applications will be much more natural in the spring and summer period. Sharp color transitions are replaced by smooth transitions.


Caramel is a color used by many women. This year the situation is not changing; we will see caramel shades, or hair that is completely caramel dyed. As with other trends of the year, I recommend that you do not apply these colors on your own. Taking the path of a good hairdresser will give a successful result.

Platinum Yellow

Platinum fashion appears again a few years later, especially in the summer. It’s a yellow passion, but you shouldn’t forget that platinum colors want more courage. We recommend platinum colors, which are quite ambitious, to women with white skin. If your skin and scalp are open, platinum is for you. But we can not say the same for brunettes and those with dark hair color.

Luminous Yellows

We think this year will be the year when we will see blond hair most frequently. This trend will suit women with white skin and light hair. we will see a few shades darker hair ends and yellow tones towards the ends. Unlike ombre blond hair; there will be plenty of shimmer in yellow tones that we will see towards the ends.

Coffee Hues

Let’s say from the beginning that you can look very cool with the coffee tone you choose for your skin. If you intend not to leave the natural appearance with the change you will make in your hair, we recommend coffee tones. The shimmer will be very popular on the hair dyed in brown tones. You can adapt to the spring-summer hair trend with the sparkles you will start at the middle level of your face.

Ombre Yellows

Ombre yellows are different this summer; the hair roots will be darker than the ends. But this time; we will see several different shades of blond hair on the ends of the hair. We recommend that you get help from a professional hairdresser for this application to work successfully.

Turquoise and Green

All the colors we counted wanted courage. But these two are the ones who want the most courage. We will see turquoise and green colors among the most assertive hairs of summer. But remember that it will be difficult to return. Do not apply it yourself at home and think several times before you decide to get it done.


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