Simple Waterfall Mermaid Tutorial

We like to hear about innovative trends in hairstyling so here are some awesome ideas from elsewhere in the world.

This is perfect for long hair. Turn and ordinary waterfall hairstyle into a mermaid waterfall braid!

This is a simple way to re-create this look and only takes a few minutes.

1). Untangle and straighten your hair using a brush.

2). Make a usual french braid by leaving one strand out of the three, replacing it with a new strands from the scalp. Leaving the strands hanging loose.

3). After you’re done on both sides, pin the hair up at the center in back.

4). Pick up a section of hair from the center back to braid.

5). While braiding as a normal french braid, add in the loose strands in this braid. Making it a mermaid braid.

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