Short Hair Advantages of Micro Hair Welding System Applied with – 5+










Short Hair  Advantages of Micro Hair Welding System Applied with  

  • Due to the very thin tufts in the hair welding process, the hair integrates better with your own hair and gets a more natural look.
  • When small and transparent capsules are added, they become the same color as your hair, and even collect your hair is not noticed.
  • Do not sink in your head and disturb you.
  • Works with peace of mind in environments such as sea, pool, sauna, solarium.
  • It can be applied to all hair ends, when the gall is obtained with a natural appearance on very short hair.
  • They do not cause any pain or pain during the welding process and use, they do not cause any damage to your hair while the sources are removed.
  • It offers 2 times longer usage time compared to other welding systems. 4 to 9 months depending on your hair growth rate.
  • Brush your hair from the bottom with a brush.
  • It does not weigh on your head.
  • It does not look like other hair welding systems, it looks natural and intact.
  • It protects your hair from external factors and allows your hair to grow faster.
  • With its appearance, it saves time, and after washing your hair, they look natural like your own hair.
  • Your hair or studs that you used before also use resources with this technique.

Short Hair Micro Hair Source Usage

You can easily apply the process you want with your Micro Hair Source hair;

  • You can collect your hair as you wish without your resources appearing,
  • Straightener, blow dryer, tongs etc. can shape with,
  • It can be applied using dyeing, bleaching, highlighting, baling, ombre,
  • You can apply any shampoo, hair care products, care oils, creams, masks,
  • It is about all kinds of comfort that you can think of like sea, pool, sauna, solarium.
  • No special care is required for your welding hair.
  • It poses a problem for medical applications such as X-ray and MR.

What we can do with the Micro Hair Welding System;

  • We can increase your hair length and volume.
  • We can cover your damaged hair.
  • We create different color tones color effects with touch without touching your own hair.
  • We can lengthen and concentrate the hair in only a certain part of your head.


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