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Natural Hair Care Secrets, the area where we women make the most changes is probably our hair. We change our hairstyle every time we go to remove the shards, if it is straight, we have wavy hair at every opportunity, and if it is curly, we take a hobby to blow dry. There is also a color change so don’t ask! We apply trendy colors or bales for the modern look. Especially, it has become routine for those with whites in their hair. While this is the case, on the one hand, we damage our hair with these processes, and on the other hand, we follow the care recommendations for live hair that shines with health. Our job is hard for the secret of perfect hair in this paradox. In fact, the basic rule is to make hair care routine. So being part of the daily routine, such as washing and styling hair. In this very unknown equation, we investigated for you how we can care and dye your hair, change its color by not using chemical products in our hair.

I have dandruff in my hair!

Dandruff hair can be a nightmare, especially in dark clothes. Our hands do not come out of our hair all day because it does itch, and more dandruff is poured as we scratch it. The solution is of course also in nature. You can treat yourself at home with products that you can easily find such as vinegar, thyme, rosemary, coconut oil, and lavender. Let’s radically solve this problem by applying herbal masks against dandruff. You can use thyme, rosemary and lavender plants in powder form. All three are prepared in the same way. Boil 1 tablespoon of thyme or rosemary or lavender in 1 glass of water for 10 minutes. Then strain and wait for half an hour with the mouth closed. Massage this into your washed, clean but dry hair on the bottom of the hair, and absorb this water thoroughly. You will find that it is a great method for those looking for a natural remedy for dandruff.

The antibacterial feature of the vinegar also cleanses the scalp and allows air to breathe.

It helps to remove dead skin by preventing irritation of the scalp. When your scalp gets air, new dandruff formation is prevented.

Coconut oil, which you can buy from Aktar, is also one of the best known solutions against dandruff. Massage the scalp before bathing and take your shower normally.

Making hair masks at home is a patch, but remember that the source of dandruff can be the use of jelly, spray and blow dryer, and the benefit of drinking 2.5-3 liters of water a day with green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits.

My hair is falling out!

In Ottoman times, there was a cure for her with herbal care products made by local doctors. Of course, since there were not hundreds of cosmetic brands at that time, treatment methods dating back centuries and reaching today from ear to ear were applied. One of the herbal remedies against hair loss is sumac. For natural hair mask, boil 1 tablespoon of soft water in 1 glass of water for 10 minutes and leave to warm. Then filter the sumac grains and apply the water to your scalp by massaging. After waiting for half an hour, you can wash it normally with shampoo.



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