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Natural Blondeness, in summer, the hair exposed to the sun becomes lighter and natural shadows are formed. We ate to imitate nature and we write the conditions, we switch to lighter, darker hair tones in winter.Also see colors such as shade on hair, accent. It is based on the principle of imitating the sun in these colors. The natural look always looks more beautiful, in short, the light tones reflected by the sun shine in our hair better suit the summer.

Especially in the summer, many people tried to achieve a few more shades of natural hair color.

Natural Blondeness, he tried what he did today for this. See some reliable others. Now we will talk about these methods now. However, we should state in advance that these problems are valid for dark hair, red, light and medium brown tones of natural hair or scalp. A method other than chemical openers will not work to open the hair dyed with shades such as black or chestnut.The sun is necessary to lighten the hair. In these days when we cannot go outside, it also happens if you have a garden, balcony or a sun-losing window.Street film and blow dryer also according to the effect, but of course can not replace the sunlight.

Let’s start with the most common method chamomile broth.

Dried chamomile is an easy-to-find product. Boil by adding two cups of water to a handful of daisies. Infuse the chamomile for 15 minutes and pour the water into a spray bottle. After it cools, you need to dry your hair and be exposed to sunlight for about 20 minutes to dry on its own. If there is no sun, you can also blow dry. Repeat frequently, you will notice the unfolding of your hair color.

What are the rarest natural hair colors?

Everyone can hear lemon like chamomile. However, applying lemon juice directly to the hair is very harmful. So we will give a different mask recipe. You can cause wear, dryness and difficult combing. To burn your Indian acid hair, you should apply lemon juice to your hair mask or coconut oil by mixing it.

Vitamin C also makes the process of making lemon. And the result is more undamaged.

Again, going to the sun will have an extra effect when I have this mask on my hair. Vitamin C serums used for the skin, ampoules are also used in the hair. Depending on the structure of the product, you can add it to your shampoo, hair mask; you can pour it into the spray bottle and apply it directly to the hair.


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