Nape Knob Hair Models – 5+











Nape Knob Hair Models, let’s start by answering the question: Rectangular face type suits the candidates for the bride. According to the rectangular face type that Angelina Jolie also has, the most known hairstyles are neck hair styles. Also, if the chin is small, flat knob models that are firmly pressed from the top and gathered around the nape will stabilize the image.

Who fits on the bun nape?

We can say that nape bun hair is the most elegant and noble bridal hair I have found. The neck nape nape is worn under the veil knob and I think the bottom veil knob bangs veil is much more elegant and stylish.Nape bun models, also known as low bun models, can be messy, tight, fluffy, shabby, plain. In fact, the nipple knob is also associated with the top position of the knob and can be in different models.

Nape Flat Knob Models

We recommend simple collar models to brides who like minimal and romantic designs. You can choose straight nape knobs with a simple wedding dress and shabby bun models with a romantic and bohemian wedding dress.

Nape Tight Knob Models

Among the minimal and natural donut models, the most preferred hairstyles are tight buns on the nape. These models, which we recommend to use with closed collar bridal dresses, are ideal for oval face shaped brides. Among the straight hair bun models, let’s add the easiest to apply.

Nape Messy Bun Models

If you are researching both elegant and shabby bun hairstyles, our recommendation for you will be scattered bun models on the nape. Especially simple, it is preferred to add movement to waist wedding dresses. Nape Fluffy or Convex Knob ModelsThere are curved buns with wedding bun hair styles, which you can choose to show your face and neck for a long time. We propose this model, which brings the contours closer to the ovule with the illusion it has created, especially for candidates with round faces.


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