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Method Of Opening Hair Color With Lemon, another of the oldest known methods of opening hair is lemon.Mix a glass of lemon juice with a liter of water. You can open it either by spraying or by applying it directly to your hair. You can get your hair opened naturally by going to a place where there is plenty of sun, as in chamomile water.If you want to give a new color to your hair but you are afraid of lightening your hair with chemicals, since your hair is dark colored, the lemon hair opening method is for you. How to open the hair with lemon? Here is the answer.


That Lemon Preparation: Add lemon and water to a suitable container, depending on the length of your hair. Then add these two mixtures in a spray bottle and apply to your hair. After making sure that it penetrates your hair well, wait for it to dry. You can go out in the sun to dry faster or dry your hair carefully with a hair dryer.

When opening hair with lemon, pay attention to these

After tightening the mixture, be careful not to come to your face as you will dry it in the sun. Because lemon will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. To test the effect on your hair, we recommend you to try it on the ends of your hair first. You can also use coconut oil instead of almond oil. Make sure the ingredients are well mixed to get the maximum effect. Don’t let the cinnamon touch your scalp too much.

Reviews of those who have hair with lemon

There are those who say that this recipe is not only for lightening the hair color, but also for removing the fractures of the hair. Especially people with dark brown hair are very satisfied with this method. Some people state that their hair roots darken when they open hair with lemon. There were also people who had openings close to 2 tons, they stated that they kept the mixture in their hair for 1-2 hours before washing. Some people have used less lemon because they fear that the acid of the lemon will burn their hair. Those who try chamomile juice simply say that when they try it together with lemon, they get more effective results. Some of those who have a hair color with lemon juice have said that their hair is drying.


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