Long Or Short Hair Knob Styles – 5+










Top Knob Models (High Knob Models),The top bun bridal hair, also called the high bun, is one of the most popular models of hairdressers. The fact that the knob is from the top is related to its initial position, and from a hill the knob can be tight, messy, fluffy or plain.

Let us give the answer to the question of who suits the top without the lengthening of the word:

It suits the candidates of the bride with oval face type! We recommend short and short-neck bride candidates as the top models from the top show the neck and even the length longer. For example; The ballerina knob from the top might be one of the best examples for this.It is also necessary to open the face in cases where the inner face is small. For this, the tight bun on the top makes it look larger than it reveals the face to the maximum extent.

If your inner face is small, you should never lower your hair

You should not cover the face area by removing the tufts of hair from the sides. You can make buns from the top or neck, but it must be a tight and exposed model. Must be a tight mace from the top or a mace from the nape. For example; You can easily make the ballerina knob from the top, but if you want to make a messy knob from the top, make sure that the mess is on the back and does not fall on your face.

At the same time, the top jaw is a model especially for the big bride candidates.

Because wherever you want to camouflage and suppress the choice of hairstyle, you should emboss the area that is in the opposite direction and add volume. By highlighting the opposite, you can move away from where you want to camouflage attention. So if you have a big chin, fluffy bun models, namely curved models, will solve the problem.

Scattered Knob Models from the Hill

Bridal hair is the high and messy bridal bun of the most applied model. Especially the most preferred bridal hair with showy wedding dresses is messy bun models. With this feature, we can say that there are designs for magnificent weddings.

Top Braided Bun Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are elegant alternatives for bride candidates with their options collected in bun shape. Let’s add the braided knobs, which we can show among the romantic knob models, that the riveted bride candidates can easily use.


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