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Long Bob Haircuts For Curly Hair, the Ashort curly bob is a textured bob haircut cut to a length ranging from ear to chin length. A short bob tends to allow facial features to stand out more, and adding curls can balance these features more. Calling all natural curly girls-it’s time to rejoice as the cutest curls shape of the year! When it comes to short bobs for curly hair, there may not be enough length, but there is more than enough volume to flaunt with this attractive haircut! Celebrities with naturally curly hair, such as Christina Hendricks, Marion Cotillard, Nazanin Mandi and Audrey Tautou, really show how you can pull off this gorgeous cut. If you like the look of a short bob haircut (i.e., a cut that hits along the jawline), but you’re not ready to make such a big chop, let me introduce you to the Long Bob (aka a lob).

Long Bob Haircuts For Curly Hair

Long Bob Haircuts For Curly Hair, this medium-length hair is the perfect compromise between the jawline and a shorter haircut that hits somewhere just below your shoulders and can still be tied back and styled off your face. And yes, while the blunt ends have certainly had their moments over the past few years, trust me when I tell you that if you want a low-maintenance cut, you’ll want to ask your stylist for layers. Now please-flip this 10 lob hairstyle to go on your next salon visit.

What is the best haircut for long curly hair?

If you chose a haircut that defined the millennial generation, it would be a long bob (or lob, as we call it). Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Priyanka Chopra has found a replica that suits them. If you’re in the mood for a haircut, the lob will refresh your look without feeling like a drastic overhaul. It’s wearable and that easy. And here’s the gist of it: with a few style tweaks, this haircut suits everyone, regardless of your face shape and hair type. Long bobs are also ridiculously easy to maintain.

10 Cutest Short Curly Bob Haircuts for Curly Hair

Lobes are great for low-maintenance girls,  says Trygstad. “They are low-committed because they quite easily turn into a long hairstyle.”But to make the cut look fresh, he recommends cutting every six to eight weeks. If you have rough natural curly hair, try quick geometric short bob hairstyles, which are also a very stylish look this year. Again, if you ask for sliced layers, this will help curly hair become less curly and give smoother and well-defined crisp curls or waves!

Best Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts For 2020

Dress your new look with sophisticated fringe-free elegance or add a trendy straight fringe! Ahead, we rounded up the all-time favorite celebrity long bobs for the best haircut inspo. From curly to wavy and straight, we found a lobe suitable for each head. You don’t believe us? Here’s expert advice and styling tips from 10 celebrities who have rocked the long bob in their own way, as well as hair professionals Trey Gillen and Gina Rivera.


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