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Hair Color Lightening With Vitamin C Tablets, vitamin C, which contributes significantly to body health, also benefits hair health. Vitamin C prevents your hair from falling out and gives you a natural glow. In addition to strengthening your hair, you can use vitamin C tablets to get the yellowish color you want. Dust 5-10 vitamin C tablets and add them into your daily shampoo. If you use the shampoo you add vitamin C regularly, you will see that your hair color opens up in a healthy way. This method can be easily applied in dyed hair.

Hair Color Lightening With Vitamin C Tablets

Opening Hair Color with Black Tea, yes, you read it right. It is possible to lighten hair with black tea. You may be surprised when you first read it, but you can make your hair lighter with this natural method. Black tea, which contains plenty of tannic acid, helps to lighten the hair.

Hair Color Lightening With Vitamin C Tablets

Preparation of,After brewing 2-3 tablespoons of teaspoon of black tea, rub it on your hair and leave it for about half an hour. After waiting for half an hour, rinse your hair and apply this process regularly.

Hair Color Lighting with Beer

Another method that you will be surprised after black tea will be hair-opening with beer. You can apply the beer to your hair without diluting it. You can choose the spray method for this. After pouring the beer into the areas where you want the color to turn on, leave it in the sun for 1 hour. You can wash your hair after waiting.

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