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Keratin, Care Advantages and Disadvantages The main ingredient of our hair is a protein called keratin that is resistant to breakage and abrasion. Keratin care brings a restructuring and shine to the hair for a temporary period of time.


Keratin, the main ingredient of our hair is a protein called keratin, which is resistant to breakage and abrasion. After the processes such as paint, blow dryer, straightening and tongs applied to the hair, physical and chemical abrasions occur in the basic keratin tissue (cortex) of our hair and the outer caps (cuticle) that protect the hair. As a result, the hair becomes inoperable, dries out, loses its elasticity and has difficulty shaping. Our hair is constantly swollen, getting an electrified look, becoming fuzzy, and even breaking easily, due to the wear of the basic chain structure and keratin texture of the hair. Our hair quality and shine is directly proportional to the keratin and moisture adequacy in our hair.

How Keratin Treatment Damages Hair

Keratin care brings a restructuring and shine to the hair for a temporary period of time.The professional application of this type of care is of great importance. However, keratin care, especially by using chemical processes such as dye, by fixing it with high temperature in the hair that has excessively worn, brittle structure, can also create negative effects such as hair breakage and breakage.


Since it adheres and fixes the outer covers of the hair, it makes the hair look brighter by reflecting the light better.It shows a straightening effect on the hair that is electrified, swollen, not easily shaped. After the application, the hair becomes shiny and soft. While keratin care in the form of a home type shampoo care cream provides a daily effect, keratin care applied with heat in hairdressing salons can have a lasting effect of 3-4 months.It saves people who have to blow dry every day.


For the same shiny and straight appearance on the hair, the application needs to be renewed. However, if renewal is repeated frequently, the risk of hair damage is high. This process, which provides temporary shine in the hair, can create an excessive drying effect especially in people who prefer light colors and dye frequently.

Keratin care is not the process of straightening curly hair.

Most of the products contain a strong chemical called “formaldehyde” with a pungent odor and known for its allergic and carcinogenic effect. It is not healthy to breathe this chemical for a long time. For this reason, it is important to apply it in well-ventilated places in a professional hairdresser.

Does keratin grow hair?

Despite all these side effects, it is a method preferred by Hollywood stars today due to its fast and successful results. However, it should be reminded that Jennifer Aniston had to cut her beautiful blonde hair after keratin treatment last year, and this process did not always give successful results.


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