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Hair Styles For Medium Short Hair, ı don’t know about y’all, but when it comes to my hair, my motto is almost always, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Seriously though — with work, school, or just day-to-day duties (plus the time we allot for social media scrolling) who has hours to spend on their hair? Not me, that’s for sure. But sometimes, you just want your hair to look nice and styled. And fortunately, getting a fly hairstyle together doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming for that matter. In fact, there are several easy-peasy hairstyles anyone can master, depending on their hair type.

Hair Styles For Medium Short Hair

Hair Styles For Medium Short Hair, to prove it, we tapped the pros to get the real tea on their favorite easy hairstyles. Whether your hair is stick-straight, or you’re rocking a head full of flourishing kinks, there are options that are as easy to execute as they are gorgeous. Get excited: Your at-home styling sessions just got way easier. Don’t know the difference? Well, you are part of a large majority of women around the world. If you’re one of those women who believe that both those words mean the same, you couldn’t be more wrong. Want to know the difference? Read on! We’ve compiled different medium length hairstyles for thick hair to inspire you for your next big look.

Cute and Easy

Thick hair is truly a blessing. Full and shiny, any style is sure to flatter. However, every chick needs a great canvas to work with! Choosing the right medium length haircuts for thick hair and upgrading them with flattering colors will inevitably lead you to your new self you’ll love. Finding a hairstyle that is universally flattering can be tricky. Sure, there are certain hairstyles that people always come back to. For instance, us Brits are totally obsessed with bob hairstyles for winter 2020, but depending on your hair type and texture it’s often necessary to make adjustments so that certain trending hairstyles will work for you IRL. However, turns out there is one hairstyle that really does suit everyone, and without wanting to get too Goldilocks about it, it’s due to that winning combination of being not too long and not too short.

What can I do with short medium hair?

Yes, a classic shoulder-length hairstyle works for every hair type—from tightly curled to poker straight and super-thick to very fine strands. Why? Well, there are no rules when it comes to shoulder-length hair. Wear it layered or with a fringe, blunt or centre parted; it’s completely customisable to you. Besides finding your wedding dress, searching through wedding hairstyles can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day look. But if you find yourself stuck in the middle—i.e., at a hair length that can neither be described as short nor long—that’s easier said than done. Experimenting with extremes can be fun, but there’s nothing wrong with settling on a hairstyle that’s somewhere in-between (a.k.a. a mid-length hairstyle).

Hottest Short Hairstyles for Women 2020

One major benefit: Your styling options aren’t as black and white as when you have either short hair or long hair. When you opt for medium-length haircuts, you have a whole new slew of hairstyles to choose from. And before you ask, you don’t have to sacrifice any style with mid-length haircuts. Your tresses will be just as on-trend as if you had let your locks grow out or chopped them close. Here, we’re sharing 40 fabulous medium hair looks (plus styling tips!) below. To navigate the perfect bob haircuts, we turned to two top hairstylists for their expert opinions: Leanne Citrone, co-owner and stylist at Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, and Jon Reyman, founder of bicoastal salon Spoke & Weal. Both Citrone and Reyman categorise the trendy length as a shock-proof cut that won’t leave you in tears, and might even inspire you to try more risk-tasking lengths in the future.

Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Reyman likes to call it the “gateway drug” to different, more dramatic cuts. Fades are one of the most popular haircuts for men. These high fade haircuts shave hair shorter higher than low or medium fades. Like other fades, the high fade can be worn with any hairstyles from an ultra-short buzzcut to long hair and everything in between. In addition to height, fade haircuts can vary in shape and length. The drop fade starts high at the temples and drops down toward the back of the neck. Other fades cut a straighter line around the head. As far as length goes, all fades are short but a bald fade goes right down to the skin. If that doesn’t give you enough options, the high fade can be any style, from a high and tight to dreadlocks, or modern crop to classic pomp.

Best Medium

And there are curls, spikes, high tops, quiffs, twists, and more. If you are blessed with a small tiny face, you are super blessed. Wondering why? You would have a variety of styles to choose from and maximize the styling and makeover until you are satisfied. Either way, you can look youthful! For those women and girls in this category, we have compiled hairstyles for small faces, which can enhance one’s appearance to get that modern, stylish look. Be it you prefer to have mild and simple toned looks or go ultra-modern, and beyond the regular styles, we have it all covered for you. Have a look!


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