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Hair Cut, Nothing is more beautiful than long hair for many women. Maybe you are one of those who think so. The haircut that suits you depends on your hair quality, hair structure and shape of your face. I will try to help you not to get lost in such hairstyles. If you want to hide some imperfections on your face, we will also touch on this issue and give a few camouflage tips. haircut always makes people younger.

Hair Cut

Hair Cut, our body goes up until the age of 20, and after the age of 20, it progresses slowly towards the opposite of gravity. This is also true for our face. Of course, every person has his own unique bone structure and face shape, no matter how much (oval, square, round, triangle, etc.), your face is unique to you and requires a special cut model for you.

What haircut

Not everyone has an ideal face structure. We use these cut models to make sure the face does not look round and the corners are soft.

Cornered Faces

A slight contrast is required for angled faces. Bangs and coats add a light texture to this face type. Style elements that emphasize the angular face factors such as angular or very prominent cut-out haircuts are not suitable for this face structure. Folded side bangs are more suitable for this face shape.

Round face

It is a balanced, soft facial structure. It does not change the face. But if you complain about the roundness of your face and want to thin it a little, you should prefer hairstyles that will keep the volume of your hair high. Thus, your hair will be at the forefront and the roundness of your face will decrease a little. Tufts cut forward according to the lines of your face will also make your face thinner. Do not think about separating your hair. Geometric haircuts also do not look good on round faces.

Square Face

The square face structure is balanced as well as the round face. Hardness is at the forefront. When making a haircut on a square face, if you do not want to change your face shape, the most suitable one is again a square cut. But if you want to soften and balance the expression on your face, you should have your hair cut in round models. While doing this, you can have your hair cut with round cuts and tufts coming down to your temples.


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