Hair Coloring at Home – 5+









Hair Coloring at Home, you can easily apply hair coloring at home by yourself. One or two attempts will make the next painting more professional. But first you have to decide which product of which brand to use.

And let’s come to the kits.

Hair Coloring at Home, two different products are sold to dye hair at home. One of them is a semi kit. The semi kit contains a dye tube, oxidant lotion, gloves, hair care mask and a user manual. In kit paints, all the materials you need during painting, such as brush and paint container, are also included in the box. You should choose one of two different kits according to your needs.

Here is hair coloring at home step by step!

1- Protect your home and clothes! The first thing is to put an old towel on the shoulders.

2- Put on your gloves. If you do not have rubber gloves in your paint kit, you can use any rubber gloves sold in the market.

3- Apply petroleum jelly to your ears, hair edges and forehead. Thus, it will be easier to remove when your paint gets on your skin.

4- See the instructions in your painting kit. You need a bowl to mix the paints. Spray the paint and oxidant lotion in the kit into the bowl and make it homogeneous with a brush.

5- Separate your hair with combs. Before proceeding with this step, you can test the dye in a small pinch of your hair. If you get the result you want, you will continue painting.

6- Begin to dye your hair that you have divided into sections, from the ends of the hair to the bottom.

7- After dyeing all your hair, wait for the time specified in the instructions for use of your dye box. If there is a large number of whites in your hair, it is recommended to wait for a maximum of the specified time.

8- While you wait, wipe the paint that is on your skin with a wet wipe.

9- Rinse your hair.

10- And apply the protective cream from your dye kit to your hair and wait for two or three minutes, then rinse again.




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