Extraction of Micro Hair Resources from Short or Long Hair – +5











Extraction of Micro Hair Resources from Short or Long Hair, the length of use of resources determines the rate of hair growth. As our hair grows around 0.5-1cm per month on average, the resources go down and begin to appear over time. When it is time to remove the resources, your hair is removed without damage with its special solution. You will not feel any pain during the extraction of resources. Micro hair welding can be done again on the day when it is removed without having to rest your hair after the resources added with the Micro Hair Welding system are removed.

3 ways to remove keratin welding hair extensions at home

When your glamorous hair source extensions complete their mission, your hair may be filled with a hair glue that is difficult to remove. Here are a few simple tips to help you remove your keratin source hair extensions, with as little damage to your real hair as possible.

Fat: Oils such as baby oil, almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil may be your best starting point when removing the hair extension glue. Lubricate the scalp and wrap it with a towel or shower cap. Leave it in the oil for about 15-20 minutes. Gently peel the adhesive or try to comb. Be patient because this process can take some time.

Liquid dish soap: It is another great alternative to oil, it should be much easier to remove or scan resources without pulling. Apply a little dishwashing liquid and a mixture of warm water to the hair source ligaments. Gently rub each hair source point on your head, wait 1 hour and rinse.

Alcohol or acetone: It prevents your hair from sticking to the growth, but this method requires a little more work. Instead of pouring alcohol or acetone that can dry your head or scalp, you just need to apply it to the ligaments.


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