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Care for Painted Hair, while routine hairdresser and care days, which are indispensable for women, add beauty to their beauty, on the other hand, they cause both skin and hair to be negatively affected. Many cheap or expensive care products cause wear over time due to the chemicals they contain. We know that there are various environmental factors that damage hair. In summer, excessive heat and sun can wear out hair, while in winter, cold can cause hair and skin to wear out.

Nature Mask and Care Tips for Hair Damaged by the Face of Paint

Care for Painted Hair, the chemical products used also affect the hair negatively. Many products that are used for beauty and care and contain chemicals cause the hair to dry, dull, and fall out. Hair lengths are at the top of these. Due to the chemicals it contains, it brings many problems such as dullness, drying and loss of your hair.

What Are The Elements That Damage The Painted Hair?

Avoid high temperature devices to prevent your burning and wearing hair from being damaged further. If necessary, let your hair breathe by cutting the burned or worn parts of your hair. Do not comb the care masks and serums that you applied to your hair during these periods without rinsing them. Be sure to rinse with plenty of water and then comb.

What should you not do after dying your hair?

Another factor that damages the hair is combing the hair dry. You should comb your hair when it is wet, so that your hair does not wear out and break more. In addition, choosing the best comb for your hair type helps your hair to be broken and shed less during combing.

Colored Hair

Do not take any treatment for 4-5 months for your burning hair due to the various chemicals used or high temperature devices. During this period, let your hair rest and apply natural care masks. Allow your hair to breathe for about 3-4 months during the dyeing and do not dye.


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