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Braid Hair Bun Models, knit Bun Models braid bun bridal hair is also one of the most preferred bun types and is generally known as helen bun models. Braided bun model, which we have frequently encountered in recent years, is an ideal hairstyle to add movement and romance to minimal wedding dresses. Generally, we can say that it is more compatible in outdoor weddings such as country wedding and beach wedding.

Knit Bun Models

Knit Bun Models, we can say that the braided scattered knob models and the braided ballerina knob and the braided neck knob are the most preferred braided knobs. Braided hairstyles point to a romantic and vintage style. Instead of using a veil, we recommend that you turn to hair accessories. To be romantic, the flowers will rush to the aid of stony hairpins for a vintage look. We recommend the braided bun models decorated with flowers to all bride candidates who will marry in the open air, wear a plain and flying wedding dress, and make up in pastel tones.

Ballerina Knob Models

We recommend the ballerina bun model, which is the most beautiful of the simple bun models, to all candidates who are looking for modern bun models for bridal hair. Ballerina bun is one of the simplest hairstyles that can be bridal hair. In fact, the head should be right at the middle of the back, but we also see models from the top or neck. It is one of the best hairstyles for a wedding like fairy tales and a romantic wedding dress. Our answer to the question of which face shape will suit the ballerina knob will be suitable for small face bride candidates on oval faces. Since the ballerina knob leaves her face in the middle, she does not look beautiful on very wide and large faces. Especially in large faces, it is useful to leave tufty hair on both sides to make the face look thinner.

Although it does not suit large faces, it is a good alternative for those whose nose is larger than their face.

Let’s say for those who wonder who the ballerina suits the bun. It fits the oval face type, but let’s say it’s bigger than the nose. If you make the ballerina knob by aiming the point of your head in the opposite direction of the nose, you can make your nose smaller. Remember, whatever you want to put down, you have to inflate the opposite area.


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