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Beads Hair Source, which you will prefer the most in short hair welding applications, can be applied other. It is a process when examined by the hairdresser. It includes quality choices in material selection and other features of this process. In these preferences, quality treatment is made possible and it continues to be more successful without damaging the hair for a long time.

Mens hair beads

In the hair silicone welding process, use must be applied in the hair welding process to make room for the rings filled with silicone. Thus, hair damage is prevented. Silicon filled rings are used at the places where the hair bundle and hair strands are connected, while welding is completed by squeezing with a special tool.

Short Hair – Bead Hair Source Removal

Bead hair welding application removal process. The loops are loosened one by one in the separation of wires and tufts, which are quite tightly welded. For this, you work with the vehicle in your hairdresser. You can do it with your new hair tufts. The use of hair tufts, which is the main reason for choosing new tufts in the process. Wearing it in the wrong direction will cause the hair to not bear the weight. The person can suffer in this way. He may experience pain in his head and feel like his hair is pulled.

How To Attach Beads Hair Source To Short Hair?

In this case, it causes the hair to be damaged and ruptured. The silicone source is then removed using a lotion when desired to be removed. This lotion causes dandruff in a certain time, but this situation passes after a certain time. These suggestions may be the best ways to ensure that you do not damage your source hair any more, but it does not guarantee that the result will be perfect. It is always the most reliable way for a professional to remove welding hair.


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