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2 Curls, we feel you. Decoding your curl type can be confusing. Several different textures can be found in a head alone, which needs to look somehow compatible when styling. Plus, there has been some debate about whether the spelling system, originally started by hairdresser Andre Walker and replaced by folks in the curly community, is divisive or even too narrow. But controversy aside, many people have found that even if it’s not perfect, it can at least be super useful in identifying your curling pattern (or patterns) so you know where to start when shopping for hair care products.

How Do You Define 2a Curls ?

2 Curls, there’s a lot to think about, so we asked two industry texture experts to break down some of the finer points of texture writing categories. The type of frizz is determined by The Shape of the root that develops in the scalp. The flatter or more oval-shaped follicle curls your hair; the more circular the section, the flatter your hair. Your curling pattern is also defined by the way hair strands do, whether it be curling, curving, or wind in spirals around themselves, Most people with textured hair have multiple types of patterns on their heads,” so you can have a combination of kinky, coily, wavy and curly, ” adds Fran├žois. Defining your curling shape and pattern (or patterns) is best determined when your hair is getting wet.The sub-classifications from A to C are based on the width or diameter of your wave, curl, or coil pattern.

What are Type 3 Curls?

2 Curls, type with a wider pattern Size, Type Bs medium, and the smallest of the three Type Cs. the real beauty of defining your hair type is that you’re better at understanding how to look after your texture so you can have more versatility. Those with hair type 2A have a thin, barely-there texture that is very easy to fix.

How do I Refresh My Second Day Curls?

People with this texture should be careful to use heavy styling products that can easily weigh their strands, making them loose and lifeless.2a waves, like the Arizona Muse, lack volume at its root.

Why Do My Curls Lose Shape?

Dickey recommends using airy, water-based foam, such as Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam, to add a bit of oomph at the base, making the hair look fluffy and plump.2D hair stands Flatter on the crown with defined s-shaped waves starting from mid-length, as Salma Hayek has here.

Why Your Curl Type Doesn’t Matter


The wires are thicker than a 2A and you need to put in a little more elbow oil to get it straight. Natural surfer-to enhance your baby waves, use a sea salt hairspray like Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist enriched with natural sea salt and aloe for sexy texture that is never crisp or hard.2C waves are thicker and more responsive to frizzing.

Curly Hair Types Chart


The S-bends are well defined and start from the roots. Lorde is an excellent example of this hair type. Between shampoos, use a non-foaming, sulphate-free cowash so Briogeo is gentle, gentle Avocado + Quinoa wash along.

2 Girls With Curls


Dickey also recommends leaving a let cream under a mousse to lock your hair into its natural wave pattern while adding hydration. We like to leave suave avocado & olive oil on 11, enhancing the conditioning and design of natural almond & avocado Mousse Curl.

How to Figure Out Your Curly Hair Type


Type 3 curly hair can range from loose, tight to buoyant loops, to springy corkscrews which have some shine but are prone to frizz.The 3A wires, as Zendaya is pictured here, tend to be shiny with large, loose curls the size of a sidewalk chalk. Squeeze the SGX NYC Curl Power nourishing Curl Cream (an allure 2019 Best Beauty winner) into your dry hair to help highlight Curl texture.

Curly Hair Products


But there is the risk of having a full halo of curls (or brush or comb, for that matter) then keep your hands touching the curls. To maintain these juicy Springs, spritz your hair with a curl refresher like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk nourishing and conditioning refresher spray.


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