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I may have mentioned before (once or twice) that, when it comes to fashion, The Art Deco era is one of my absolute favourites, and especially the hairstyles that always make me faint! Being both sexy and stylish, glamorous and stylish, it’s no surprise that almost 100 years later these looks are still very fashionable. The Art Deco era, a time of prosperity and wealth, was full of grace, glamour and big changes, especially in fashion. During 192os both hair length and hemline were shortened, thanks to Monsieur Marcel and his revolutionary curling iron, fashionable hairstyles became accessible to every woman, not just the rich and famous; and make-up was widely used.

How did they do their hair in the 1920s?

So what makes the perfect look for an art Deco-loving bride? Well, dark doe eyes and cupid bow lips shook with Roaring 20s Gatsby hair Marcel glitz and glamour may go; or keep your makeup natural and chic updo with a splash of red on your lips a little bit by opting for a more refined and elegant appearance channel your inner Lady Mary. The film The Great Gatsby made me think of vintage wedding hairstyles.

Adornment Hair Wedding Handmade Vintage

I’ve always loved Vintage hairstyles and tend to take inspiration from past eras when designing and creating my wedding hats and accessories. But, I must admit, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a 1920s hairstyle and a 1940s look. Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds everything a little confusing! At the time, I decided to take some time to explore society’s decades and influence on women’s hair and fashion.

What was the hairstyle in 1920?

Now I have to say, this is my kind of assignment! There was a lot of information out there, but I decided to make a little summary for you today. So for a modern bride looking for hair inspiration from bygone eras, it’s a breakdown of some defining looks of each decade. Adding a bit of vintage flavour to a Modern wedding is the ultimate in wedding glamour and sophisticated finesse-here it is! The Roaring Twenties are synonymous with flappers, jazz music and Old Hollywood.

Flapper hairstyles for short hair

The Prohibition era led to a fashion uproar, in which women threw out traditional clothing and Puritan styles of the early 1900s. For the first time, women were drinking with men at ‘speakeasies’. They cut her hair. They also cut and shortened their skirts. And while they were there, they showed some more cleavage.

1920s bridal hair

Back then, the royal family and fashion designers (think Coco Chanel) played a big role in Hollywood’s style, both in fashion and beauty. In response, Hollywood impressed people and took over the infamous flapper dress, cropped Shingle and angled Dutch children’s haircuts. The 1920s art deco look continues to inspire many modern brides.

How do you do a 1920s hairstyle for medium hair?

At the time the hair was short and had a minimal body with tight curls and finger waves, while these signature looks could still be achieved with long flowing curls and modern hairstyles. They say every good thing has an end. The fun and earnestness of the 1920s stopped when the stock market collapsed in 1929. The economic situation at the time meant that regular haircuts were not always possible, so women had to think of other ways to maintain their appearance. They grew their hair up to their shoulders and replaced their short-waved boyish hairstyles with soft soft waves. The 1920s Pin curls became finger waves and became a popular way to soften the stiff blunt bob. This hairstyle is suitable for more women as they spend more time working outside the home. Hollywood continued to influence fashion and makeup. Her signature looks have now included plucked eye brows, hair dye, hair rolls and snoods, all of which have become fashion trends we are still inspired by today. The war ended, society became relatively more prosperous, and fashion and glamour took over again.

How did flappers wear their hair?

Popular films in Hollywood and the music industry influenced mainstream fashion, and men and women felt free to try again. But we must remember something very important that changes the way women wear their hair. Can anyone guess? The invention of hair styling products, such as a reliable jar of hairspray. Yes, hairspray and similar products gave men and women the opportunity to be a little more adventurous with their hair and plunge into a more natural world of looks. Okay, now history class is over, but I hope you find this brief history of vintage hairstyles as interesting as I do. It’s great to see so many modern brides taking inspiration from these historic images, and films like the Great Gatsby will continue to inspire many brides around the world.


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