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1920’s Curls, the earliest version of the Beehive made a comeback in the fashion world thanks to Jeremy Scott’s 2009 ready-to-wear runway show. Most people would call it a bad hair day now. The Gibson Girl was the personification of feminine appeal in the early 1900s, epitomized by people like Evelyn Nesbit, who wore her hair piled high above her head and left one side of her hair loose over one shoulder. In the 1920s, women were rebelling against social and cultural norms by wearing more makeup, removing their skirts, smoking, drinking and cutting their hair too short. Coco Chanel was a leader among these rebellious women.

How can I get 1920 curls?

1920’s Curls, both as a world-class entertainer and as the first person of color to star in a major motion picture, Baker’s Jazz Age slick ‘ do was an instant classic. Rihanna paid tribute to Baker’s style at the 2014 CFDA Awards. Rihanna paid tribute to Baker’s style at the 2014 CFDA Awards. Frida Kahlo can cool milkman braids made alone, and she was sporting floral crowns long before coachella.

How did they curl their hair in the 1920s?

1940s view, II. Inspired by the clouds created by World War II jets, it was matched by the fact that women had to find creative ways to beautify during a period of serious rationing. Marilyn Monroe’s polished hairdo celebrated the relaunch of bobby pins, reels and Hairspray. Her flirty blonde coif has become one of her main descriptors, and even today the style is a red carpet staple.

How do you get Gatsby curls?

When we think of 1920s hairstyles, an image of Prohibition-era conversations comes to mind: men and women enjoying some spirited conversations, liqueurs and wonderful jazz in a dimly lit room. The now—iconic flapper look, which often features a shaggy accessory or two with embellished hair, is one of the most famous styles of this decadent, festive period-and, as we’ll come to see in the roundup below, it’s certainly not just one of note.

How did flappers wear their hair?

From revolutionary bobs to yes spectacular finger waves, scroll down to take a deep dive into these flapper annual headbands, the best work beyond which seems most recognisable Halloween.

Best Vintage Hair Styles

As as much as 1920s hairstyles for short hair, bobs were certainly the definitive look of the decade. Women wore their hair (and hemlines! As an expression of independence, she accessorized in shorter lengths and myriad ways: Fascinators, ribboned headbands and bejeweled pins, as well as reviving the dazzling richness of the Jazz Age, were also excellent in fashion. Delicate and sharp, the blunt ear-length bob remains a classic look of 20s hair to this day. A bleached version of this classic style offers a somewhat modern edge to this iconic hairstyle.





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