Hair extensions have been put in to give my client the extra length and thickness she has always longed for.

Hair extensions; It is a hair extension method preferred especially by women with weak or short hair. Although it is a temporary method, not a permanent one, it is preferred a lot. Real hair extensions are welded to their hair according to your hair color and hair structure. Then the hairdresser shapes your hair accordingly. It is easy to maintain.

Hair extensions are attached to your hair with clips. Painting is done if necessary. For dyeing, ombre or balayage is preferred. Blonde hairstyles are highly preferred as hair extensions. You are going to a prom or a party and you need long hair. In this case, you can apply a great bun, ponytail and braid updo model to your hair with hair extensions.

We listed 10 hair extensions to transform your look. These lookbooks are all about hair extensions.

Blonde Hair Extension

Black – Brown Hair Extension Clips

Rose blonde Hair Extension

Balayage Hair

Long Icy Blonde Extension

Wavy Blonde Hair Extension

Black Hair Extension

Ombre Hair Extension

White Blonde Extension

Brown Hair Extension

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